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"Playing with music", composed and performed on the fly using 4 synthesisers.
Playing with cats - ION
music (improvisation).

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Title: "ION sings Playground Love"
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"The works of man
are covered by earth and oblivion;
whether we discover them or not, they are there."
Charalambos Bakirtzis

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 - OPINION: "Greece's Real Crisis".
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- Nuclear Medicine Abstracts. new
A series of works inspired by science: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

- "Selfportrait without parrot 2013". 

- "Laline" finally opens her eyelids.

- Pamela questions ION. Old but new. 

- "Eau de Joanna". A perfume by ION. 

- "Peter & Chiquia". A new portrait.   

-  "Blue bird", coloured pencil on paper.

- Justin Moorton's extended essay on
"Work on Portraits I". See HERE.

- "I confess I invent dreams"  exhibition on Spanish TV.
(in Spanish/German). See HERE.

a. "PORTRETA", exhibition in Kiato, 2010-2011 (solo)
b."Portraits by ION" at Gazi, Athens, 2010 (solo)

c."I confess I invent dreams", Blanca Berlin Galeria, Madrid/Spain,
17Sept. - 07Nov. '09 (with Veru Iche')
d."Work on Portraits II",, Athens, 2008 (solo)
e."DIA-ROES" arts festival at Syntagma Metro exhibition hall, 2007 (group)
f."DIA-ROES" arts festival at Syntagma Metro exhibition hall, 2006 (group)
g."Work on Portraits I", Eos gallery, Athens, 2006 (solo)

a. Browne P. ; Bakhtin and the Contemporary Greek Photography:
Ion's 'Work on Portraits', 2006 ; ch21, Perspectives and Limits
of Dialogism in Mikhail Bakhtin ; Vol 2 ed. Pourkos M. ; Pub.
University of Crete 2008 ; ISBN 978-960-87434-6-5. See HERE.
b. artime magazine.

a. B/W Portfolio.
b. cd artwork & Exultate alternative covers.

a. "Playground love".
AIR's classic tune cover. (8mb .mp3 file)
b. "I'm a fool to want you" - rehearsal. Midi by Mel Webb.
c. "How Insensitive"- a 60's standard.
"We are the champions".
f. "Mission Impossible" .
g. "Ram contest"(.wmv) - music composed & performed by ION.
h. "Hybrid Human" - an electroacoustic composition. front cover


by Maria D.

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