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"Playing with music", composed and performed on the fly using 4 synthesisers.
Playing with cats - ION
music (improvisation).

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Title: "ION sings Playground Love"
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update 13 June 2016
OPINiON ("Pride in what?") & ION POEMS

"The works of man are covered by earth and oblivion;
whether we discover them or not, they are there."
Charalambos Bakirtzis


A page dedicated to all my paintings & drawings
(more than 210 works)

OPINiON new!
"Yes, ATHENS PRIDE! But PRIDE in what?
In our incapability of loving and staying by our man even when the party is over and difficulties start rushing in
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- Life Mementos - The Allegoric Sequence.
Twenty photographs in square format.

- Nuclear Medicine Abstracts. The work in near completion now.
A series of works inspired by science: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

- "Selfportrait without parrot 2013". 

- "Laline" finally opens her eyelids.

Pamela questions ION. Old but new. 

- "Peter & Chiquia". A new portrait.   

- Justin Moorton's extended essay on
"Work on Portraits I". See HERE.

a. "PORTRETA", exhibition in Kiato, 2010-2011 (solo)
b."Portraits by ION" at Gazi, Athens, 2010 (solo)

c."I confess I invent dreams", Blanca Berlin Galeria, Madrid/Spain,
17Sept. - 07Nov. '09 (with Veru Iche')
d."Work on Portraits II",, Athens, 2008 (solo)
e."DIA-ROES" arts festival at Syntagma Metro exhibition hall, 2007 (group)
f."DIA-ROES" arts festival at Syntagma Metro exhibition hall, 2006 (group)
g."Work on Portraits I", Eos gallery, Athens, 2006 (solo)
h. "Dixws Oria" ("No Limits")Aliko, October 2015 (3 works, painting)
i. 1. "SHOE STORIES", FOUAR [mitropoleos 72 st., Monastiraki/Athens],
8-12 Nov.  >>see works<< (WORKS SOLD TO A GREEK COLLECTOR)
 j. "GYNAIKA ISON", ALIKO (Ag. Dimitriou 16 st., Psyrri/Athens)
11-21 November 2015 >>see works<<

a. Browne P. ; Bakhtin and the Contemporary Greek Photography:
Ion's 'Work on Portraits', 2006 ; ch21, Perspectives and Limits
of Dialogism in Mikhail Bakhtin ; Vol 2 ed. Pourkos M. ; Pub.
University of Crete 2008 ; ISBN 978-960-87434-6-5. See HERE.
b. artime magazine.

a. B/W Portfolio.
b. cd artwork & Exultate alternative covers.
- ION interview: extract 1

a. "Playground love".
AIR's classic tune cover. (8mb .mp3 file)
b. "I'm a fool to want you" - rehearsal. Midi by Mel Webb.
c. "How Insensitive"- a 60's standard.
"We are the champions".
f. "Mission Impossible" .
g. "Ram contest"(.wmv) - music composed & performed by ION.
h. "Hybrid Human" - an electroacoustic composition. front cover

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